Bookmarks for April 26th through April 30th

These are my links for April 26th through April 30th:

  • DoCIS: Documents in Computer and Library & Information Science – DoCIS is a service of the rclis digital library. rclis is dedicated to promoting free access to data about documents in computing and library and information science.DoCIS provides an integrated browsing/searching interface to rclis data. To start browsing our collection, please look at the list of journals and conference proceedings that we cover.
    See our service principles and our internal documentation for details.
  • Mathematical Problems by David Hilbert – The supply of problems in mathematics is inexhaustible, and as soon as one problem is solved numerous others come forth in its place. Permit me in the following, tentatively as it were, to mention particular definite problems, drawn from various branches of mathematics, from the discussion of which an advancement of science may be expected.
    Let us look at the principles of analysis and geometry. The most suggestive and notable achievements of the last century in this field are, as it seems to me, the arithmetical formulation of the concept of the continuum in the works of Cauchy, Bolzano and Cantor, and the discovery of non-euclidean geometry by Gauss, Bolyai, and Lobachevsky. I therefore first direct your attention to some problems belonging to these fields.
  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes – Monograph Series – Free collection of mathematical statistics monographs.
  • MathFiction – Of the many works of fiction that are published, very few involve mathematics or mathematicians. However, people who like mathematics (or are mathematicians ourselves) may especially enjoy reading those few that do. Moreover, as I argue in an article in the AMS Notices, mathematicians should be interested in these works of “mathematical fiction” even if we do not enjoy them because they both affect and reflect the non-mathematician’s view of this subject.

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