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Bookmarks for January 21st through January 28th

These are my links for January 21st through January 28th: Shadow Government Statistics – Home Page – Have you ever wondered why the CPI, GDP and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting Axiomatics and Progress in the Light of 20th Century Philosophy of Science and Mathematics.pdf (application/pdf Object) – This paper is a contribution to the question of how aspects of science have been perceived through history. In particular, I will discuss how the contribution of axiomatics to the development of science and mathematics was viewed in […]

Bookmarks for January 18th through January 21st

These are my links for January 18th through January 21st: How Likely Is Hyperinflation? — The American, A Magazine of Ideas – But does this mean that inflation may evolve into a hyperinflation in the United States? I believe not. Though it is true that budget deficits with government expenditures covered by 40 percent or more through credits have historically led to hyperinflation, it has been stressed in Monetary Regimes and Inflation that it is not only the size of these credits but also their composition that is important. .. the U.S. deficit, by far not all of the credits […]

Hal Varian on Statistics

Video of the oft quoted Keynote Presentation by Hal Varian – Chief Economist, Google, to the 2008 Almaden Institute – “Innovating with Information”: I just want to say one word to you – just one word. Are you listening? ‘Statistics’

Bookmarks for January 12th through January 18th

These are my links for January 12th through January 18th: Elance | Hire experts to do your work: outsource to companies, consultants and freelance professionals. – Hire, manage and pay experts to do your work. Find work. Deliver results. Get paid. Philosophical Methodologies.pdf (application/pdf Object) – Methodology is understood here to include methods, approaches, and styles, which are not always easy to separate. This article deals with all three, focusing on ones that have been influential in Australasia, or have developed there, through the efforts of thinkers who have either been born in Australasia, or trained or worked there for […]

Bookmarks for January 12th from 14:56 to 17:27

These are my links for January 12th from 14:56 to 17:27: Church’s Thesis and Hume’s Problem.pdf (application/pdf Object) – •Justification = truth-finding performance. •Performance depends on problem complexity. •Formal and empirical complexity are similar. •Computational epistemology is unified •Standard epistemology is divided. •Insistence on division weakens truth-finding performance of effective science. Evidence_&_Uncertainty.pdf (application/pdf Object) – I endorse the view that it may be of no relevance to the acceptability of the Everett interpretation of quantum mechanics as a physical theory whether or not an informed observer can be uncertain about the outcome of a quantum measurement prior to its having […]