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A Gruesome Exchange

Brian Weatherson over at Crooked Timber wrote, in short: One of my quirkier philosophical views is that the most pressing question in metaphysics, and perhaps all of philosophy, is how to distinguish between disjunctive and non-disjunctive predicates in the special sciences. This might look like a relatively technical problem of no interest to anyone. But I suspect that the question is important to all sorts of issues, as well as being one of those unhappy problems that no one seems to even have a beginning of a solution to. One of the issues that it’s important to was raised by […]

Buy Low, Spam High

2005 was the year of the oil company with many of these companies posting record profits. 2006 has been the year of alternative fuels with companies involved in this sector blowing off the charts. This trend shows no signs of abating… This is a small sample of the pump-and-dump spam I receive every day. It ends with a paragraph from a random CNN report, which I imagine was scraped by the bot that sent the message to evade Bayesian filters. No doubt this is familiar to most of us, since p&d spam accounts for about 15% of spam e-mail messages. […]