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Bookmarks for May 27th from 02:21 to 09:21

These are my links for May 27th from 02:21 to 09:21: Introduction to Graphical Modelling – The aim of this chapter is twofold. In the first part we will provide a brief overview of the mathematical and statistical foundations of graphical models, along with their fundamental properties, estimation and basic inference procedures. In particular we will develop Markov networks (also known as Markov random fields) and Bayesian networks, which comprise most past and current literature on graphical models. In the second part we will review some applications of graphical models in systems biology. [1005.0437] A Unifying View of Multiple Kernel […]

Bookmarks for May 4th through May 14th

These are my links for May 4th through May 14th: [1005.1320] The myth of equidistribution for high-dimensional simulation – A pseudo-random number generator (RNG) might be used to generate w-bit random samples in d dimensions if the number of state bits is at least dw. Some RNGs perform better than others and the concept of equidistribution has been introduced in the literature in order to rank different RNGs. We define what it means for a RNG to be (d,w)-equidistributed, and then argue that (d,w)-equidistribution is not necessarily a desirable property. [1005.1327] Statistical Model Checking : An Overview – Quantitative properties […]