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I am by no means religious, quite the contrary, but my relatively mild-mannered disbelief pales next to her allergic reaction to all things religious. My wife once yelled at a proselytizer handing-out pamphlets at a Faire. The woman must have thought Dani was possessed, because she jumped and ran. Recently, we have been coming home to pamphlets stuck in our door. Dani does not like this, so she offered a response that we now have posted on our door: What will the neighbors think…

Review of Debunked

The New York Review of Books features Freeman J. Dyson’s review of Debunked!. Here is a particularly interesting excerpt: The book also has a good chapter on “Amazing Coincidences.” These are strange events which appear to give evidence of supernatural influences operating in everyday life. They are not the result of deliberate fraud or trickery, but only of the laws of probability. The paradoxical feature of the laws of probability is that they make unlikely events happen unexpectedly often. A simple way to state the paradox is Littlewood’s Law of Miracles. Littlewood was a famous mathematician who was teaching at […]