Hello, I’m John Taylor, a data science leader, fraud researcher, and prolific dabbler. I reside in the unique and vibrant city of Portland, Oregon


In my current position as the Director of Research at pipl.com, my primary focus is safeguarding individuals from identity theft and online fraud while fostering trust and safety for businesses.

Previously, I held the role of Manager of Digital Data Science at iovation, which later became part of TransUnion. In this multifaceted position, I tackled various organizational and product challenges while also spearheading data science research initiatives.

During my tenure as an individual contributor at iovation, I successfully designed and prototyped two innovative products. The first was a predictive scoring service, revolutionizing risk assessment, followed by a device-based recognition method that led to an advanced authentication service. Before this, I gained experience as an analyst, working in different capacities such as data analysis, performance management, and systems analysis.

My academic journey led me to graduate school, where I specialized in Logic and Computation, focusing on the philosophy of science and formal epistemology. Prior to that, I earned undergraduate degrees in philosophy and psychology, complemented by a minor in computer information systems.

For more professional information, see my profile on LinkedIn.

What is this Site For?

This website serves as a repository for some of my past writings and maintains my public presence as an individual. While the blogging era has transitioned to consolidated social media platforms, this site allows me to share my insights and experiences in a personal manner.


  • I grew up in the small foothill town of Columbia, CA.
  • Throughout my childhood, my family cared for and rehabilitated a diverse array of animals, ranging from cats and dogs to exotic creatures like raccoons, snakes, and even a tarantula.
  • During my middle and high school years, I won two art contests and one creative writing contest, earning both recognition and a poster signed by Michael J. Fox.
  • Over the years, I have held various jobs, including woodcutter, landscaper, fast-food worker, logic grader (inspiring the site’s name), tutor, website designer, computer lab manager, GIS surveyor, and information technician.
  • I discovered my Native American ancestry (specifically, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa) when contacted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in my mid-thirties, an unexpected revelation.
  • As a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I have competed twice, achieving a silver medal on my second attempt. While I may dabble in this discipline, I am currently a purple belt.