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Bookmarks for March 20th through March 23rd

These are my links for March 20th through March 23rd: 20 Fresh JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries – There are plenty of JavaScript libraries out there for rendering your otherwise plain and boring numerical data into beautiful, interactive, and informative visualizations. The beauty of using JavaScript for data visualization is that, if created correctly, your data will be highly accessible (usually via HTML tables). A long time ago (2008), I wrote about JavaScript solutions for graphing and charting data and this article revisits the topic with twenty more JavaScript libraries that you can use to bring your data to life. Function […]

Bookmarks for March 15th through March 18th

These are my links for March 15th through March 18th: Book Review – The Information – By James Gleick – – The universe, the 18th-century mathematician and philosopher Jean Le Rond d’Alembert said, “would only be one fact and one great truth for whoever knew how to embrace it from a single point of view.” James Gleick has such a perspective, and signals it in the first word of the title of his new book, “The Information,” using the definite article we usually reserve for totalities like the universe, the ether — and the Internet. Information, he argues, is […]

Bookmarks for March 14th through March 15th

These are my links for March 14th through March 15th: Google Refine – a power tool for working with messy data (formerly Freebase Gridworks) Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities – While most empirical analysis of prediction markets treats prices of binaryoptions as predictions of the probability of future events, it has recently been argued thatthere is little existing theory supporting this practice. We provide relevant analyticfoundations, describing sufficient conditions under which prediction markets pricescorrespond with mean beliefs. Beyond these specific sufficient conditions, we show thatfor a broader class of models prediction market prices are usually close to the meanbeliefs […]