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Granola Family; Blue-Collar Family

Danielle and I came back from our Grandma Betty’s “service” yesterday. There was no service, rather we visited her embalmed body, exchanged comforting platitudes and headed-off (at my aunt and uncle’s request) to a casino buffet that Grandma Betty frequented. It was all intermittently awkward and surreal. My father’s side of the family is blue-collar– none has a college education, and in my father’s case, not even a high school education. None seemed particularly interested in talking about anything more abstract than houses and cars; especially cars– most of them work on cars in one capacity or another (one paints […]

In Memoriam Betty Taylor

My grandmother died over the weekend from complications following coronary bypass surgery. In place of my own discomfited expressions, some borrowed words, too often used of late: Talking to Grief Ah, Grief, I should not treat you like a homeless dog who comes to the back door for a crust, for a meatless bone. I should trust you. I should coax you into the house and give you your own corner, a worn mat to lie on, your own water dish. You think I don’t know you’ve been living under my porch. You long for your real place to be […]

Prelude to Reboot

Some favorite posts reconstituted in my new Movable Type format: Shrill, Hate-Filled and Pointy Quantum Christodynamics Tangled Bank #6 Review of Right Reason Science Blogs for LGFers? My Space vs Atheism? That is all.