A Limerick for Computational Epistemology

John Holbo, in a  recent post at the ever-entertaining Crooked Timber, challenged his readers to “write a song – or poem – expressing as clearly as you can, with extra style points for keeping it intelligible to an 8-year old – your favored philosophy of science.”

Here is my contribution:

A Limerick for Computational Epistemology

Science finds a normative naturalist foundation
Where logic meets mechanism in computation
Whose relevance to Man
Is supplied by an ‘aught’ implying a ‘can’
And to truths we may converge without termination.

This admittedly fails on the count of intelligibility, but it was a fun exercise nonetheless.

Update:  Another entry of mine:

I admit that Logical-Empiricism left me impressed
Though early forms couldn’t pass the verification test.
And Constructive Empiricism
Is not without lyricism,
But I find a variety of structural realism the best.

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