In a twitter-like display of attentional deficit, I present to you, a list of things I am currently thinking about:

  • Transaction cost economics and Stiglitz’s information economics as crucial modifications of Walrasian markets.
  • The relationship between mathematical notions of invariance, symmetry and periodicity and their relationship (if any) with notions of inductive complexity outlined by Kevin Kelly (Point-set topology and all).
  • How throwaway was my idea about Goodman-esque entrenchment as efficient coding (Huffman, maybe)?
  • How to construct an optimal model for capital expenditures with limited reliability data, and how I may be able to leverage the DODs work on Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM).
  • Whether or not to install Weka and MySQL on my laptop for some data mining practice (and/or R)

Please comment if (and this is a big if) you find any of these admittedly fragmentary ideas/questions intelligible.

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