Adjunct Adventure

Thanks in part to the encouragement of a friend‘s father, I have submitted my curriculum vitae to the Dean of Arts and Sciences at the local junior college in the hope of doing some adjunct teaching in addition to my current job. Though the wages are ridiculously low once you factor in prep time and grading, I look forward to the possibility of sharing my enthusiasm for learning and reengaging in academic life.
In particular, I am would enjoy teaching two courses that appear in the college catalog, but have (to my knowledge) never been offered:

CMPSC 54 Data Mining
This course is designed to familiarize individuals with current and emerging data mining technologies using the Internet, database software, and other application software packages as needed for project completion. Data mining knowledge topics will include the process of model building. Students will create a representative model based on an existing dataset to help understand trends, patterns, and correlations, as well as forming predictions based on historical outcomes. Students will be introduced to the tools and technologies needed to research and analyze data, resulting in a strategic decision making, marketing plan development, goal setting and identifying business opportunities. (CSU)
PHILO 5 Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science
An introduction to the ideas, processes and consequences of science through history. The historical development of philosophies of science will be central throughout. Critical reasoning and extensive writing will be required. Contextual cultural analysis is expected. Credit may be earned for only one of the following: HIST 5 or PHILO 5. (UC/CSU).

Just thinking about teaching these has me roughing-out syllabi , setting-up moodle on my site and rummaging through my books to review relevant works.
Any profs out there with some interviewing and teaching advice?

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