Bookmarks for March 23rd through April 12th

These are my links for March 23rd through April 12th:

  • Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics – These pages attempt to show the first uses of various words used in mathematics. Research for these pages is ongoing, and a citation should not be assumed to be the earliest use unless it is indicated as such.
  • The Illustrated Road to Serfdom – by Friedrich A. Hayek
  • cp42252001.pdf (application/pdf Object) – This article discusses the concept of information and its intimate relationship with physics. After an introduction of all the necessary quantum mechanical and information theoretical concepts we analyse Landauer’ s principle which states that the erasure of information is inevitably accompanied by the generation of heat. We employ this principle to rederive a number of results in classical and quantum information theory whose rigorous mathematical derivations are difficult. This demonstrates the usefulness of Landauer’ s principle and provides an introduction to the physical theory of information.
  • Data Marketplace : Find, buy and sell data online – Data Marketplace makes it easy for people to find, buy and sell data online.<br />
    <br />
    Most data must be aggregated, cleaned, and analyzed to extract useful information. It doesn’t make sense that the same person should do all of these things. Data Marketplace connects people who need data with people who are good at collecting, cleaning, and analyzing it.<br />
    <br />
    People request data that they need. Providers upload data to Data Marketplace, provide descriptive metadata, and set a price. Stored metadata is used to help consumers find relevant data through traditional search engines and when browsing the marketplace.

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