Bookmarks for February 12th through February 16th

These are my links for February 12th through February 16th:

  • Metric Conversion. Unit Conversion. Online Measurement Unit Converter. Conversion Table. – If you are need any kind of conversion you are at the right place. We offer wide range of online conversions between different units of measurement. Here you make time, data, speed, temperature, currency and a lot of other conversions. Please start by choosing the conversion type.
  • Algorithmic Thermodynamics.pdf (application/pdf Object) – …one of the fun things we noticed is that algorithmic entropy is a special case of Gibbs entropy — but only if we generalize a bit and use relative entropy. They say “everything is relative”. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s sure true for entropy.
  • R info for SAS, SPSS, and Stata Users – R has over 3,000 add-on packages, many containing multiple procedures, so it can do most of the things that SAS and SPSS can do and quite a bit more. The table below focuses only on SAS and SPSS products and which of them have counterparts in R. As a result, some categories are extremely broad (e.g. regression) while others are quite narrow (e.g. conjoint analysis). This table does not contain the hundreds of R packages that have no counterparts in the form of SAS or SPSS products. There are many important topics (e.g. mixed models, survival analysis) offered by all three that are not listed because neither SAS Institute nor IBM’s SPSS Company sell a product focused just on that.
  • flattr – We aim to revolutionize how people pay and get paid for content on the internet. Come, join and show the world that good content is worth some coins out of your pocket.

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