Bookmarks for November 4th through November 9th

These are my links for November 4th through November 9th:

  • 30 Resources to Find the Data You Need | FlowingData – Let’s say you have this idea for a visualization or application, or you’re just curious about some trend. But you have a problem. You can’t find the data, and without the data, you can’t even start. This is a guide and a list of sources for where you can find that data you’re looking for. There’s a lot out there.
  • Christopher Pincock, Mathematics and scientific representation | PhilPapers – This book aims to investigate the philosophical consequences of the central role of mathematics in contemporary science. …The book will pursue the issue with a newly developed version of the following central questions: for each scientific representation, what does the mathematics contribute, how does the mathematics make this contribution and what does this contribution presuppose? I argue that there are five different kinds of contributions and structure my discussion around examples that fall naturally into these five kinds. The main conclusion of the book is that mathematics makes an epistemic contribution to the success of our scientific representations. Epistemic contributions include aiding in the confirmation of the accuracy of a given representation through prediction and experimentation.
  • Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science : Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science : U of M – Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science is the world’s longest running and best known series devoted exclusively to the philosophy of science. Edited by members of the Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science (MCPS) since 1956, the series brings together original articles by leading workers in the philosophy of science. The ninteen existing volumes cover topics ranging from the philosophy of psychology and the structure of space and time to the nature of scientific theories and scientific explanation.
  • Cell Size and Scale

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