Science Blogs for LGFers?

While doing a bit of homework on, from Seed Media, I happened upon, which has just launched:

ION Publications has announced that its online science community,, has gone into private beta. The Scientific Blogging community will bring together world-class scientists from universities and the private sector, science writers, science journalists, amateur scientists, science philosophers and everyone who wants to read about and discuss science.

“There are a lot of science sites out there,” said Hank Campbell, CEO, “but the more we read the more we realized that most science sites were primarily interested in either politics or they were narrowly focused. We contacted some scientists we already knew, and some we had the good fortune to later meet, and they wanted a place to write where they weren’t limited by space considerations but could still reach a general audience. So we decided we had to create the site we wanted to read. I know that most scientists love to talk about their work outside their speciality and they like to have their efforts recognized by the public.” (more)

Recent recruits include Real Science and The Contrarian Scientist. At the former you can find this lovely list of ‘Top 10 Reasons You Should Read Instead Of Us’:

10) You fly into a rage when someone asks why you don’t just find a missing link to prove Evolution.
9) You’re convinced the entire state of Kansas is stupid.
7) Your favorite movie is “Titanic” and your favorite music is by Britney Spears – because all those fans can’t be wrong.
8) You have ever called someone an ‘asshat‘ during an argument and thought it made your point.
6) Evidence you like is better than proof.
5) You have ever called someone a ‘fundamentalist’ when you were losing an argument.
4) They’re big, like Microsoft and the government, so they must be right.
3) You don’t see the irony of politicians jetting all over the world to tell us we should ride bicycles.
2) You think Pharyngula is H-O-T.
… and the number one reason you might want to read scienceblogs instead …

1) You have no sense of humor.

On the latter, this:

Seed Magazine, internet science’s version of The Sierra Club, NARAL and whatever groups hate religion the most, is all atwitter that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will sign yet another aggressive, anti-business piece of legislation

Now, of course, it won’t harm California industry if someone finds an expert that says it won’t. No, more legislation will help industry in California. You and I know that is always true.

Wait, maybe that is true. Ohhhhh … only in the case of utilities because, as Barry Abramson, utility analyst at Gabelli Asset Management Inc. points out, utilities can simply pass the additional costs on to consumers without them ever seeing it.

So California can institute its own mini-Kyoto protocol, even though 80% of the countries that signed it don’t meet their targets and have no intention of doing so, and if it only hurts poor people with higher utility rates, that is okay.

No wonder Seed Magazine is so happy. Lots of liberals working in New York skyscrapers are happy when someone else does something.

Mmm… savor that truthiness! With writers like these we can expect some sound science from

Also, as a humorless liberal atheist I am outraged at their omission of ‘smug’. You condescend and smirk until you are blue in the face, and they just don’t give you any credit.

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