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Bookmarks for October 6th from 04:09 to 10:47

These are my links for October 6th from 04:09 to 10:47: Public Radio Exchange – Public Radio Exchange is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio. Project 10 to the 100 – Last fall we launched Project 10^100, a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Your response was overwhelming. Thousands of people from more than 170 countries submitted more than 150,000 (or around 10^5.2) ideas, from general investment […]

Alan Turing, Matt Harvey

here’s a toast to Alan Turing born in harsher, darker times who thought outside the container and loved outside the lines and so the code-breaker was broken and we’re sorry yes now the s-word has been spoken the official conscience woken – very carefully scripted but at least it’s not encrypted – and the story does suggest a part 2 to the Turing Test: 1. can machines behave like humans? 2. can we? On the occasion of Britain’s PM apologizing for Turing’s treatment.

A Limerick for Computational Epistemology

John Holbo, in a  recent post at the ever-entertaining Crooked Timber, challenged his readers to “write a song – or poem – expressing as clearly as you can, with extra style points for keeping it intelligible to an 8-year old – your favored philosophy of science.” Here is my contribution: A Limerick for Computational Epistemology Science finds a normative naturalist foundation Where logic meets mechanism in computation Whose relevance to Man Is supplied by an ‘aught’ implying a ‘can’ And to truths we may converge without termination. This admittedly fails on the count of intelligibility, but it was a fun […]