me-260x300I am a Data Scientist living in Portland, Oregon


I work at iovation researching and developing models to leverage our data set for risk, reputation and relationship applications. My current tool-set includes PostgreSQL and Vertica for data access, storage and manipulation;  R and Python for pre-processing, exploratory data analysis, modeling and evaluation; and Gephi and GraphLab for graph visualization and analysis.

Once upon a time I was a grad student student in Logic and Computation at Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in philosophy of science and formal epistemology. My undergraduate degrees are in philosophy and psychology (with a minor in computer information systems).

For more professional information, see my Linked-in profile.


I am, in no particular order and among other things, a data geek, Brazilian jiu jitsu hobbyist, bibliophile, pop cultural glutton, recreational mathematician, and skeptic.

As an autodidact, I have devoted a good deal of time learning about:

  • the history of computing
  • alternative models of computation
  • cognitive science
  • magic and magicians
  • mythology and folklore
  • constructed languages
  • cons and conmen
  • artificial intelligence
  • knowledge representation
  • health and fitness
  • evolutionary theory
  • political economy

For more information see my hobbies.