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Points from the Professionals

A fun question: If you could have the entire world know just one thing about your profession or expertise, what would it be? My answer for Data Science and Machine Learning: Automated intelligence plays a role in almost every facet of our lives and will increasingly disrupt things, for good and for ill. This includes replacing workers, enabling new discoveries, and magnifying the manipulation of our personal, political, and financial lives. And the private sector is not going to effectively police itself. Also, ML and AI are making great strides in application-specific ways, but (contra Ray Kurzweil) the singularity is […]

New Year, New Ambitions

This blog has remained dormant for the past several years for mundane reasons– I have a busy home life and work life, and time-consuming hobbies. Posting has just not been a priority of mine. This year I’d like to shake things up a bit. Instead of spending idle time on aimless media consumption, I am going to focus on using this space for learning, reflection, and commentary on my various interests. In part, I’d like it to be a staging ground for work presentations, meetup talks, and educational material for my children. Topics will likely include mathematics, artificial intelligence, machine […]