Bookmarks for December 14th through January 5th

These are my links for December 14th through January 5th:

  • Representation, Evidence, and Justification: Themes from Suppes – Reviewed by Kenny Easwaran – This book is the first in a planned series, the Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy. Each volume will consist primarily of versions of the papers presented at a symposium in Bern, Switzerland, honoring the winner of the biennial Lauener Prize for an Outstanding Oeuvre in Analytical Philosophy. This book honors Patrick Suppes, the recipient in 2004. (Other winners of the prize are Dagfinn Føllesdal in 2006, and Ruth Barcan Marcus in 2008.) It contains some interesting overall discussion of Suppes' work and also some very interesting papers by a diversity of philosophers, but the two aspects occasionally seem to get in each other's way. Hopefully the future volumes in the series can avoid this tension, and also have improved copy-editing (about which more later).
  • KPIStudio: the agile way for your KPIs : on target – KPIStudio: a free online application to help you define, organize and document KPIs and business measures.
  • Collected Works of Patrick Suppes – This collection is divided into sections and subsections. Under the section Articles, one may find the appropriate items arranged by subject or date, as chosen by the user.

    All the documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. You may download the free

  • Fubini’s theorem – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – In mathematical analysis, Fubini's theorem, named after Guido Fubini, is a result which gives conditions under which it is possible to change the order of integration.

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