Bookmarks for October 6th from 04:09 to 10:47

These are my links for October 6th from 04:09 to 10:47:

  • Public Radio Exchange – Public Radio Exchange is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio.
  • Project 10 to the 100 – Last fall we launched Project 10^100, a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Your response was overwhelming. Thousands of people from more than 170 countries submitted more than 150,000 (or around 10^5.2) ideas, from general investment suggestions to specific implementation proposals. As we reviewed these submissions, we started noticing lots of similar ideas related to certain broad topics, and decided that combining the best aspects of these individual proposals would produce the most innovative approaches to solving some very pressing problems.
  • Model Selection – In statistics and machine learning, "model selection" is the problem of picking among different mathematical models which all purport to describe the same data set. This notebook will not (for now) give advice on it; as usual, it's more of a place to organize my thoughts and references…

    Classification of approaches to model selection (probably not really exhaustive but I can't think of others, right now):

  • Math Overflow – What kind of questions can I ask here?

    Mathematics questions, of course! As long as your question is of interest to at least one other mathematician somewhere, it is welcome here. Please make your question detailed and specific, and write clearly and simply. "Newbie" questions are welcome and even encouraged; after all, part of the goal of this site is to be the canonical repository of standard questions and answers that mathematicians have when they are exploring a new field.

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