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Dear Google Recommendation Algorithm

Recently I was enticed into activating you so that you could  add a section to my Google News page populated with stories targeted by my search history.  I truly believe that those of us that live in today’s great information glut need ways to filter irrelevant chatter and focus on meaningful news, so, with great hope in my heart, I waited as you generated a custom list of news items relevant to me and my interests. What would you find for me?  Exciting new developments in science, subtle analyses of the health care debate, new movies I might enjoy, book reviews… […]

Essential Information for Office Workers

Over at Information is Beautiful, David McCandless has plotted common food and drink items along two critical axes, calories and caffeine content: I have a few quibbles with the presentation, namely the axes don’t cross at 0, and the figures to the right are under-explained.   Nonetheless,  this visualization is pretty useful and stylish.