Bookmarks for June 17th from 11:29 to 11:31

These are my links for June 17th from 11:29 to 11:31:

  • An Introduction to MCMC for Machine Learning.pdf (application/pdf Object) – Abstract. This purpose of this introductory paper is threefold. First, it introduces the Monte Carlo method with emphasis on probabilistic machine learning. Second, it reviews the main building blocks of modern Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation, thereby providing and introduction to the remaining papers of this special issue. Lastly, it discusses new interesting research horizons.
  • Abstract for “Probabilistic Inference using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods” – Blurb”In this review, I outline the role of probabilistic inference in artificial intelligence, present the theory of Markov chains, and describe various Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms, along with a number of supporting techniques. I try to present a comprehensive picture of the range of methods that have been developed, including techniques from the varied literature that have not yet seen wide application in artificial intelligence, but which appear relevant. As illustrative examples, I use the problems of probabilistic inference in expert systems, discovery of latent classes from data, and Bayesian learning for neural networks.”

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